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Founded in 1978 and located at Bourguébus, Normandy, France, USIMECAEN is a precision engineering company.

Milling, Turnery and Electro-Erosion are the 3 activities carried out within the company to produce quality mechanical parts.

Automotive, Aviation, Electronics, Industry, Pharmaceuticals are different areas in which we operate.

Our activities
To know to better advise

With more than 31 years experience in the field of machining of precision mechanical parts, USIMECAEN is today a privileged partner for many high-tech industries.

To anticipate to better evolve

Anticipating is above all to understand the new expectations of the market and to adapt to offer you a permanent service of quality.

To innovate to better develop

Precision, speed, quality... 5-axis machining makes a difference today in a sector where demand is increasingly diversified

To control to better secure

Working for high-tech sectors such as aviation, petroleum industry or electronics requires above all professionalism and safety.